Praise for STOP IT!

Loren Slocum
STOP IT! is simple, practical and a great “tune up” for everyone in relationship marketing. STOP IT! is also a MUST HAVE training guide for every leader to share with his/her team!”

Loren Slocum, Life Coach, Engaging Speaker, Empowering Women, Life Tuneups
Marcia Wieder
“Hutch’s work reminds us of the Big Dream for ourselves and the world. His book STOP IT! is an invaluable resource for personal and business start-up guidance, insight, and answers. Thank you for making your wisdom available to us all.”

Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder, Dream University
Janet Switzer
“To be successful in any business, you must seek out relationships with those companies, partners and projects that will help you reach your financial and lifestyle goals. Now Jeff Levitan and Michael Hutchison take relationship marketing to a whole new level — telling you how to succeed in this exciting industry using proven methods that will catapult you into the top tier of earners. Their advice is golden.”

Janet Switzer, Founder of Profit Advisors small-business consulting network and #1 bestselling author of ‘Instant Income®: Strategies That Bring In the Cash for Small Businesses, Innovative Employees and Occasional Entrepreneurs’

Honey Parker

“Messers. Levitan and Hutchison book is a repository of easily applied advice, the simplicity of which belies its potency. It offers a wealth of useful, real world advice from real world businessmen with a track record of real world success. Are you ready to do what it takes to combat an old-fashioned, out-of-date mindset and replace it with a smarter, more profitable, contemporary alternative? Then prepare yourself to (yes) STOP IT!”

Honey & Blaine Parker, Slow Burn Marketing
Darlene Nelson

“STOP IT” is a much needed insight for any business needing growth today. It doesn’t matter if your in Corporate America, Direct sales or Relationship Marketing, Michael Hutchison and Jeff Levitan’s book delivers valuable lessons that will propel you forward fast. Experience is a great lesson… as long as it’s someone else’s experience. There is no need to use the school of hard knocks when you can learn from others and apply it to put yourself ahead of the game fast. Michael Hutchison has truly been an inspiration to turning my business into millions of dollars of income. His book is a must read. I highly recommend you buy a copy for everyone you are involved in business with.”

Darlene Nelson, The Secret is You
“What we have learned in working with Realtor’s…most typically they have several goals:
  • Sell Listings…”Fast”
  • Obtain more Listings…”Fast”
  • Strengthen The Brand
  • Save Time – Allowing more time spent on “Highest Paid Activity”
Michael Hutch’s simple yet meaningful keynote approach is right on target for the Real Estate Market to meet these goals!  In order to grow your business, “Stop It” is a must read and a must attend workshop!  It helps to jump start good behaviors and create life-changing habits!”

— Tammy H., TruPlace, The leader and premium provider of Web-based Virtual Rental and Real EstateTours
T. Harv Eker
“If you are an entrepreneur, or you are not happy with your job, ‘Stop It!’ can change your mindset and your life.”

T. Harv Eker, Author of #1 NY Times Bestseller ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’™
lan Schmitt
“Relationship Marketing… that is what real estate is all about. “Stop It!” should be required reading for every real estate professional. Sure would have saved me a whole bunch of trial and error, time and money! I guarantee “Stop It” will enhance your business, simplify your life, and direct you toward the activities that produce results and away from those that don’t. Extremely well written and concise, but I’d expect no less from Hutch!”

— Alan Schmitt, Broker, California Association of Realtors
Andy Nguyen
“This book is essential for anyone wanting to get in the right mindset for leaving a corporate job and building their own business.”

— Andy Nguyen
Eric J. Olson

“This book is definitely a must read for anybody starting in a relationship marketing company. I have used a lot of principles in this book to become a million dollar earner before 30 years old.”

— Eric J. Olson
Greg Kapp

“Relationship Marketing is the ‘New Currency’ of this decade. I have run a Successful Family Business for the past 27 years and this book is an easy read, with many simple ideas on how to succeed in business working smarter rather than harder. This book will mentor you around many of the obstacles that cause Business Owners to fail.”

— Greg Kapp
Jeff Blochowiak
“This thought provoking guide will prepare anyone to win big in ­relationship marketing and in life. It is a great tool that will help you and your team to do it right the first time.”

— Jeff Blochowiak
John Pham

“This book will help bring people to success a lot faster. The secret of ­avoiding known major mistakes is worth its weight in gold. The concepts shared are simple yet powerful and very useful.”

— John Pham

John Shin

“Jeff’s insight on how to build an enormous team is extraordinary. I’ve seen Jeff in action and he is a master at building relationships and ­networking to further the interests of an enterprise. He’s now sharing his playbook for those who want to learn the secrets of building a team and sustaining it long term. I strongly recommend reading this book.”

— John Shin
Jun Dela Cruz

“As soon as I received the copy of your book, I thought I’d just skim through it and read it at a later time. I soon found myself immersed into it. I wish there was a book like this written in my first years in business so I could’ve saved so much time and heartache. What a Simply Great read!! Jeff took the mindset needed to be Successful in the business and actually printed it!!! What a concept!!”

— Jun Dela Cruz

Marcy Blochowiak

“This book was simple to understand and it really brought “relationship marketing” to life. Jeff Levitan lets you know the pitfalls and the secrets to a successful business.”

— Marcy Blochowiak
Michael Stokes

“The book is a great reference guide to help any entrepreneur to evaluate potential relationship marketing businesses. Most important, it’s written by someone who has been in the industry.”

— Michael Stokes
Micky Nguyen

“Informative… instructional… inspiring! When you read a book and start thinking of how many people need to study it, you know you have found a significant gem. This one is such a book.”

— Micky Nguyen

Pai-Yen Chung

“Wow, this book is really great. I have used the tips in this book to train my associates and my business has increased 25% right away. No wonder Jeff is a legend in WFG.”

— Pai-Yen Chung

Paul Hart

“It is very rare that you find a book with this much insight tailored ­specifically to this kind of entrepreneur. Jeff is a visionary of his time by solving the problems of the business model of the 21st century.”

— Paul Hart
Fred Catona

STOP IT! is a book about failing forward — recognizing your enemy — and building upon your inherent greatness. When you’re sufficiently fed up with your pain… Unblock, Unlock and Unload.”

Fred Catona, Known as ‘The Billion Dollar Man’, launched Priceline and
Michael Wang

“I like to read books. But I seldom know the authors personally. I like this book very much and I also know the author personally. Hutch is not just a “writer”. He is a also a “doer”. He does what he writes. This is the main reason why I think this book is so real, so authentic and so fun to read.”

— Michael Wang
Brian Biro
“Michael Hutchison and Jeff Levitan are masters of the KISS principle… Keep It Simple Superstar! In their brilliant work STOP IT! 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Relationship Marketing Business Michael and Jeff provide a magnificent plan for anyone wishing to build a long-term Relationship Marketing success story. Excellence in Relationship Marketing is about your CHARACTER, not your reputation, because your character is who you ARE, your reputation only what others think you are! Read this book again and again so that the unstoppable principles it so clearly and passionately teaches become entrenched in your character and you become the leader you are here to be!”

 — Brian Biro, America’s Breakthrough Coach
Marc Accetta

“I have been thriving in the Network Marketing Industry for more than 20 years. I truly believe it is the last vestige of  free enterprise left in the world today, and sadly, there are virtually no well written books about it. This book really hits the nail on the head in many ways!  It is very well thought out and delivered, and should be a guidepost to anyone who is open to a better way of doing business in the 21st century!”

Marc Accetta
William Fischbach

“I have been a relationship marketing guy my whole life. I learned from watching my father. But, for anyone who didn’t have this type of mentoring, “STOP IT!” will give you the spot on guidance to the necessary mindset and enthusiasm that it takes to build a significant following. Attract, Retain & Reward!! Well done!”

William Fischbach

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